History of Kawyaw

Kawyawrpho or Monu Manaw Missionary ( Taw Khu Province)

Baptist History of Kawyawrpho or Monu Manaw ( Taw Khu Province)

            We know that the small ethnic group  call Kawyawpho or Manu Manaw. The meaning of their name based on the karen word was in the west ( Moe Nu ) the people who live in the west of state. But the other word that explain the meaning was because of their traditional instrument call gong, when they use to play the gong at festival, the people heard the melody of gong was so sweet and also the people who can play the sweet gong. And in our own language is call Monu Monaw and mean is ( The melody so sweet to heard). Their ethnic population was a few and mostly living in the mountain far from the township Pru Hsoe and Loikaw city. We belong to the kayah state also traditional style mostly similar.

              According to the history, kawyawpho or Monu Manaw was not separated from the karen ethnic at Mongolia and moved to the country of Myanmar. At that time, actually we were the same nation with brotherhood. And the first people who call name as " Pher Ke" , he was the one who saw the stone at Kyain Htee Yoe and he could spoke with stone. Nobody with him when he saw the stone and spoke with it, specially he ask the stone to show him the way to go. During at that time they  were hunting and fishing at the river side at Thar Lwin. The first time when he spoke with stone and the stone answer him, possible could you send me to the land of Kawyawpho or Kayah State. The stone agree him possible to send you so came on my shoulder and I will send you to the land that you want to go.  And he said that " Oh please, I want to call My family " and ran to the people and find out his siblings and came back again to the stone. But the stone doesn't answer him nothing. Unfortunately, the name of  "Pher Ke", he need to walk by himself to the land of  kayah or Karenni state. Also in our Monu Manaw language was " Pho Baw Kho", the first place of Kawyawrpho came and staying at the higher Mountain was "Pho Baw Kho".

            Until now, the people of kawyawpho living in that area with thousand population. The origin of kawyawrpho people history was the ethnic who believing in plant and Magic, etc..... Around 1875 the first time, the missionary from the other country arrived to our land and share the gospel with the indigenous people. The orgnization of missionary was Roman Catholic from the foreign country and 1884-85 the Baptist missionary came to the land of Kawyawrpho through the river side of Htoo Chaung. The missionary was send by the Taung Oo Association and his name is "  " . He try to fellowship with the people who work with him, because not easy to preach or share the gospel immediately to the villager. But later, he can friendship with some people and the more they fellowship and the more trust in each other. So the gospel was started in the village call "Craw".

          In 1886, Evangelist spread out with the kawyawrpho or monu manaw people in some village. By the grace of God year by year, because of the missionary doing hard and scarified theirself to open the eye of kawyawrpho or monu manaw people to came to know God and understand the word of God. Thus, the knowledge to God was bless their life to be deep more to trust God in the whole of our heart. The merciful of God brought us until now.

           We came to know God through the missionary from Taung Oo Association, Evangelist department program. The first volunteer who came and serve in the areal of our kawyawrpho or Monu Manaw was Thara Kyaw Ka Daw.

Taw Khu Province Baptist Denomination

           Taw Khu Province Baptist denomination is belong to Kayah Hpu Assoication and connection to the Karen Baptist Convention that locate in Yangon. Kayah Hpu Baptist Association was divided by Kayah Moe Bwe Baptist Association at 1983 February 22. Originally Kayah Moe Bwe Baptist Association established in 1905 but the situation of our land and political system doesn't conforming as Democracy, moreover the indigenous people facing crisis all their long life. The governor gave order to the minority people to change their name to follow up similar as they want, so that they need to change their organization name to Kayah Baptist Association.

       As well as we Monu Manaw People from Proso province area and Baw La Khe Province arean that area totally we have 11 village belong to Baptist since the history explained for us, we became believer through missionary step by step until now.

Baptist Denomination

           Church Name                               Pastor Name

1. Craw Baptist Church.                              Thara Than Shwe
2. Taw Khu Baptist Church                         Thara Min Doh
3. Nan Kwe Kho Baptist Church                 Rev. Thar Moo
4. Pale Ler Baptist Church                           Thara Law Bar
5. Pwar Saw Kho Baptist Church                Tharamu Pale Paw
6. Bay Thar Ha Ree Baptist Church            Tharamu Kle Paw
7. Ka Lee Lair Baptist Church                     Thara Samuel
8. Ka Law Doh Baptist Church                    Tharamu Elly Sein
9. Daw The Kho Baptist Church                   Thara Nay Win Aung
10. Nan Phe Baptist Church                          Rev. Willian / Thara Bright
11. Baw La Khe Baptist Church                   Thara.....................

History Of Baptist Churches

History of Baptist Missionary reached in our land by the Karen Baptist Convention send his missionary to Taung Oo, at the same time connect with the west part of Kayah State.

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Reference: This was i did research in 2012 at the same time when literacy observation KaYaw Pho or Monu Manaw People in the Pruso province and  Baw La Khe Province. This information above all was collect by Shoe Moe Pher and getting the history through word by mouth from the leader of some village. Pastor Lai Wai from Craw Baptist Church, he was the one who serving the lord in his own mother village with all heart and long journey in ministry, so that the more he know the history very well and able he can share to me.

Poster :   Shoe Moe Pher
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